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The links below provide quick access to the reports, workshop notes and booklets which CALU has published. If you are looking for technical leaflets, rather than project reports, please click here

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CALU workshop notes

CALU Crop walking notes for Cae Melwr, July 2011
English (pdf 380KB) Welsh (in translation at the moment)

CALU Pruning for presentation at Cae Hir Gardens, June 2011
Pruning and shaping with Chris Creed - English (pdf 267KB) Cymraeg (316KB)

CALU Green roofs & walls workshop, March 2011
Green roof case study English (pdf 235KB) Cymraeg (pdf 262KB)

CALU Soil management workshop, Feb 2011
Soil pH and Acidity (bilingual, pdf 435KB)
Earthworms (bilingual , pdf 384KB)
The Value of Compost (bilingual, pdf 280KB)

CALU Orchard workshops, October 2010
Patulin in apple products English & Cymraeg (pdf - 412KB)
Llanrhystud workshop report English (pdf - 523KB) Cymraeg (pdf - 572KB)

CALU Vineyards - canopy management workshop, August 2010
Workshop notes English (pdf 159KB) Cymraeg (pdf 304KB)

CALU Henfaes herbs workshop, August 2010
Establishment of perennial herb bed at Henfaes English (pdf - 183KB) Cymraeg (pdf - 212KB)

CALU Orchard management workshop, May 2010
Orchards at Henfaes English (pdf - 313KB) Welsh (pdf - 362KB)

CALU Soil management for horticulturalists workshop, April 2010
Soil profiles, horizons and organic matter English (pdf - 184KB) Welsh (pdf - KB)
Soil texture and structure English (pdf - 180KB) Welsh (pdf - KB)
Soil texture and structure assessment flowchart (pdf - 61KB)

CALU Glasshouse infrastructure workshop, April 2010
Rainwater Harvesting, Part One: Estimating Volumes English (pdf - 322KB) Cymraeg (pdf - 327KB)

CALU Goat Health workshop, January 2010
Preventing and treating lameness in goats English (pdf 214KB) Cymraeg (pdf 217KB)

CALU Smallscale slaughter and processing of poultry workshop, October 2009
English (pdf - 233KB)
Welsh (pdf - 245KB)

CALU Henfaes cereals workshop, July 2009
English (pdf - 176KB)
Welsh (pdf - 184KB)

CALU Penlanlas fruit production workshop, April 2009
English (pdf - 145KB)
Welsh (pdf - 196KB)

CALU unusual perennials workshop, Crûg Farm
(pdf - 143KB)

Welsh (pdf - 153KB)
31st March 2009

CALU fruit production workshop, Nicholaston
(pdf - 248KB)

Welsh (pdf 260KB)
26 March 2009


CALU potato workshop (pdf - 239KB)
8 September 2008

CALU soft ftuit workshop (pdf -167 KB)
11 October 2007

CALU field vegetable production workshop (pdf - 134KB)
14 November 2007

CALU nursery stock production workshop (pdf - 990KB)
11 December 2007

CALU on-farm energy management and production seminar (pdf - 47KB)
16 January 2008

CALU open day - Adding value to timber (pdf - 440KB)
22 January 2008

CALU nursery stock workshop (pdf - 281KB)
6 February 2008

CALU fruit tree grafting workshop (pdf -360 KB)
4 March & 6 March 2008

CALU herb production workshop (pdf - 317KB)
28 April 2008


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Energy efficiency and energy generation on farm - a guide (pdf - 1.7MB)
First published: June 2006

Exotic mushroom trials 2005 - 2006 project report (pdf - 324KB)
First published: June 2006

Increasing the range of vegetables grown in Wales (pdf - 669KB)
First published: May 2007

Investment opportunities in the Welsh horticultural processing sector
First published: May 2006

Managing energy and carbon - the farmer's guide to energy audits (pdf 1.7MB)
First published: May 2007

Potato blight (Phytophthora infestans) and planting density field demonstrations - report 2005 (pdf 803KB)
First published: March 2006

Potato blight (Phytophthora infestans), sequential harvesting and Caliente mustard field demonstrations - report 2006 (pdf 236KB)
First published: May 2007

Scoping the environmental and social footprint of horticultural food production in Wales (pdf 1.3MB)
First published: April 2007



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