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crop information sheets

CALU has produced a range of information sheets to provide basic information on the crops being grown at its demonstration plot sites. The information sheets currently available are listed below and available to download in pdf format.

Borage - the seeds from borage (aka starflower) yield an oil rich in gamma linolenic acid which is used in the pharmaceutical industry.
Download the Borage information sheet (74kb)

Calendula - is grown for its oil which is used in the cosmetics industry, and also in the manufacture of paints and coatings.
Download the Calendula information sheet (67kb)

Camelina - a plant grown for the oil obtained from its seeds. The oil is very highly unsaturated, is suitable for human consumption and is also used in the manufacture of cosmetics.
Download the Camelina information sheet (79kb)

Crambe - a non-food oilseed crop. Crambe oil is rich in erucic acid - a precursor of erucamide which is quite widely used as a slip agent in the plastics industry.
Download the Crambe information sheet (65kb)

Dwarf French beans - are an easy to grow nitrogen-fixing crop that are suited to farm gate sales; 'pick your own' enterprises, or freezing.
Download the Dwarf French beans information sheet (66kb)

Echium - like borage, Echium (aka viper's bugloss) yields seeds rich in gamma linolenic acid. Echium also yields significant amounts of another important essential fatty acid, stearidonic acid.
Download the Echium information sheet (73kb)

Dual Purpose Hemp - produces seeds for use in bird feed and for processing to produce an edible oil, along with fibre for use in industrial processes.
Download the Dual Purpose Hemp information sheet (72kb)

Lupins - are grown as a protein rich animal feed. They are nitrogen fixing and so can help to imporve soil fertility.
Download the Lupin information sheet (72kb)

Naked oats - are also called hull-less or husk-less oats. They are of interest to livestock producers as a high energy feed.
Download the Naked oats information sheet (69kb)

Sárpo potatoes - are potatoes which have been developed for their natural resistance to late-blight disease (Phytophthora infestans).
Download the Sarpo potatoes information sheet (67kb)

Sunflowers - are grown for their oil rich seeds. These are used to produce an edible oil or for sale as seeds for human consumption or bird feed. There is increasing interest in sunflowers for biodiesel production.
Download the Sunflower information sheet (77kb)

Sweetcorn - for human consumption is a crop suitable for pick your own or farm gate sales.
Download the Sweetcorn information sheet (71kb)





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