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CALU NEWS - September 2006


Delegates from across the UK attended the recent Sárvári Research Trust Open Day at the Henfaes Research Centre. Interest in the Trust's Sárpo potatoes is growing rapidly. Late blight of potatoes (the cause of the Irish Famine in the 19th Century) is one of the biggest challenges facing potato growers and breeders.
In conventional potato production systems an intensive prophylatic treatment strategy is required to keep blight at bay. Sárpo potatoes have naturally high levels of resistance to blight. This means there is less need for agro-chemicals, making the varieties ideal of lower input and organic systems.
For more info on the Sárvári Research Trust, e-mail info@sarvari-trust.org


CALU's 2006 programme of woodland training events gets underway on 8th September with a woodland and game management training day at Llanfair Caereinion.
The Wentwood Timber Store is the venue for a training day on farm timber: products processes and markets on 10th October.
Aberbechan Farm plays host to an training day on 26th October looking at how careful management can turn farm woodlands into a valuable resource providing timber products for use on the farm and for sale.
The date and venue for a woodland establishment training event will be available soon.



Vegetable growing is back in vogue. Seed merchant Suttons say it is the first time since World War II that they have had such a high demand for vegetable seed.

During WWII the Government ran the Dig for Victory campaign, urging all families to produce their own vegetable in gardens or allotments.

Today's boom in home grown veg is being fuelled by TV gardeners; the high retail price of some easily grown produce; and an increasing desire to know where food has come from.

Sárvári demonstration plots on Anglesey

Hall Auctioneers have announced plans to run a fortnightly horticultural auction at Shrewsbury. The auction will be held in the Livestock Market with the first taking place on 22nd September. It is planned that the auctions will then take place on the first and third Friday of each month.


Farmers and growers in Wales are being reminded that there is a second day of FREE technical advice available for eligible holdings.

Technical advice days recently delivered through CALU have ranged from pig husbandry to potato production and egg production to elephant grass planting.

If you would like more information on the second day of technical advice, please contact the Farming Connect Service Centre: 0845 6000 813


The Rural Payments agency has announced that funding is available to trade organisations to support "increasing the information on, and sales of, certain agricultural products in EU countries".
Eligible products include: fresh fruit and vegetables; processed fruit and vegetables; fibre flax; live plants and products of ornamental horticulture; seed oils; honey and beekeeping products.
For futher information, contact Steve Wood (0191 226 5338) or Michelle Lowrey (0191 226 5656) at the RPA.

CALU, in conjunction with the Conwy Bee Keepers Association, is running an INTRODUCTORY BEE KEEPING COURSE.

Growers from the north and mid-Wales are being encouraged to make use of this new market. Lots will be sized to suit small retailers, landscapers and landowners.


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The course will be held at the Henfaes Research Centre, Abergwyngregyn. The first session will be on Tuesday 17th October at 7.30pm. There will be 10 sessions, including two "hands on" sessions at an apiary.
To register, please contact Peter McFadden - peter@honeyfair.freeserve.co.uk


CALU exists to transfer technology to any business in Wales that is interested in horticulture, biomass, alternative crops, alternative livestock and/or farm woodlands.

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